Every bag is unique and its leather can show slight colour and texture variations. These should not be considered imperfections, rather marks of distinction.

To ensure the original quality of your bag we recommend you avoid contact with water, grease, perfumes and cosmetics.

Using a natural fibre cloth wipe your bag, with the grain, on a regular basis to remove any dirt. Be aware that light to dark colour transfer can occur and moisture will cause deterioration.

In order to keep leather supple and free of cracks, nourish with a natural leather conditioner every couple of months. Use a clean white cotton cloth and rub in circular motions, followed by a dry cotton cloth to buff. The Handbag Clinic Leather Care Kit, Chamberlain’s Leather Milk and Collonil Leather Gel are all good quality leather care products.

Patch test a discreet area of your bag first, to ensure it doesn’t cause discolouration. Nubuck and Suede require special care.

A waterproofing spray such as Woly Protector will build up a resistance to greatly reduce the risk of liquid stains.

For an overall clean follow the steps below:
• Use a suede brush to remove surface dirt and dust.
• Apply a Combi Foam Cleaner such a Wrens, to a small area at a time.
• Use a clean cloth or a hard brush to work cleaner well into the leather.
• Allow to dry thoroughly.
• Then use a suedette brush to lift nap and freshen.
• If your bag becomes stained seek professional advice.
• Baking soda inside a plastic bag can help with odour removal.
• When not in use keep your bag stuffed with scarves or acid free tissue to maintain its shape.
• If possible cross the handles over each other and unclip any removable straps.
• Always store in the dust bag provided, in an upright position if possible.
• Consider your bag your best friend, care for it as such and it will reward you by aging to perfection.