durability & sophistication

luxurious leather

Beautifully crafted luxurious leather goods are the definition of timeless sophistication. They become classics that will outlast fashion.

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The Mademoiselle Collective is committed to ethical, sustainable and responsible manufacturing.  We are proud to work together with a variety of local artisans, supporting small family run businesses and independent local craftsmen.

Having a relationship with a trusted contractor allows us to ensure that all materials are sourced sustainably and manufacturing ethics are upheld.  Our leather is a by-product of the meat industry which is farmed and tanned in Java.

Each product is handmade and therefore unique in its own way. The Mademoiselle Collective creates quality pieces that will stand the test of time.  We make leather goods to love forever.



The Cameron sister duo have reconnected with their love of design, to bring you MC, The Mademoiselle Collective.

An adventurous overseas trip in their 20’s first sparked their desire to form a lasting business partnership. Soon after transforming a Wellington garage into a French style boutique. The business soon blossomed into a steadfast following of loyal clients. Since those early days their love and passion for design has never ceased. With their new line of beautifully handcrafted luxurious leather goods.

Kirsty & Jo The Cameron Sister Duo, proudly presents The Mademoiselle Collective.  Read More >


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