The love of design and creation has never completely gone away for the Cameron girls, and so after a pause in proceedings, once again this sister duo has reconnected, and come together in the form of MC, The Mademoiselle Collective.

An adventure overseas in their 20’s first sparked their desire to form a business partnership. On return to NZ they persuaded their landlord to turn their inner city Wellington garage into a French style boutique.  The business soon took over their entire apartment, with the living room making way for a workroom and the bedrooms becoming dressing rooms.
Their business blossomed and a steadfast following of loyal clients evolved, until a change of personal direction meant moving apart.

Since that day they have manifested their love of design in many forms separately. Whether its decorating cakes, houses or anything in between, their passion has never died.

Fast forward to now, and several trips of discovery later, the desire bubbling away in their blood has once again come to fruition in the form of a beautifully handcrafted range of luxurious leather goods. The thrill of having something made and seeing the finished product has never been stronger or more exciting.
Bringing MC to market has been the final piece in the puzzle and now, Kirsty and Jo are proud to present, and can’t wait to invite you to join The Mademoiselle Collective.